SBP Bindings for Haskell

Haskell client for Swift Binary Protocol (SBP).


haskell-stack: Instructions here.

Install from Hackage

Available on Hackage as sbp.

The library supports building against Stackage LTS-10. To install from Hackage using stack:

$ stack install --resolver lts-10.10 sbp # (LTS-10)

Note that we explicitly specify the resolvers to use, as installing libsbp may fail to build with more recent resolvers.

Building with cabal is possible but not supported and may fail to build.


To build:

$ stack build

To install:

$ stack install

To test and benchmark:

$ stack test && stack bench

To deploy to Hackage:

$ stack upload


To publish to Hackage, use the publish-lower recipe in the Shakefile.hs with LTS-10 stack.yaml:

$ STACK_YAML=stack-lts-10.yaml ./Shakefile.hs publish-lower



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