Painless 3D graphics, no affiliation with gloss

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Greg Horn
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This package intends to make it relatively easy to do simple 3d graphics using high-level primitives. It is inspired by gloss and attempts to emulate it. This is an early release and the api will certainly change. Note that transparency can be controlled by the alpha value: "makeColor r g b alpha" but that you must draw objects from back to front for transparency to properly work (just put clear things last). Also, transparent ellipsoids and cylinders have ugly artifacts, sorry. Look at the complimentary package not-gloss-examples to get started.

- export LoadedObjModel data constructor
- use matrix multiplication for DCM/quat rotations
- support OpenGL 3
- add z translation with middle mouse button
- add object models
- add option to set initial camera position
- add an interface which makes a movie
- pass in user options with Options type
- add an optional background color argument
- use spatial-math 0.2, which uses types from `linear` package
- GLUT/OpenGLRaw version bumps