GPL-3.0-only licensed by Dmitry Bogatov
Maintained by [email protected]
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Module documentation for 1.3



This program makes working with old Debian bugs much more pleasant. Sometimes I want to have personal bug-squashing party, so you open [[email protected]] in web-browser, and get nice list of bugs that require my attention.

Browsing is great, but when I want to do something with those bugs – close, add tags, discuss, I have to copy bug number, launch mail client in another terminal and compose email to [mailto:[email protected]].

Should I need to quote some previous message, more distracting actions are to be done – download whole bug as mbox, incorporate that mbox into my mail system (I prefer MH), and only after that real work could start.

DebBugs has also email interface – you can request sending to you bugs you want, but reply is also optimized for reading, not for manipulating. Honestly, it looks like corresponding web page, filtered by lynx.


mbug [--into <folder>] <query>

It will download mbox of every bug, listed at<query> and create +<folder> MH folder. In that folder subfolder for every bug is created. By default, <folder> is debbugs.

Folder +<folder> is volatile, every new invocation of mbox will overwrite its previous content. This way you can focus on bugs you are interested in right now.