Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language - core data types and tools

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Toshio Ito
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Haskell binding for Gremlin query language.

See the package description, or project README.


Toshio Ito [email protected]


Revision history for greskell-core – 2018-10-03

  • Confirm test with base- and containers- – 2018-09-05

  • Confirmed test with QuickCheck-2.12 and hspec-2.5.6. – 2018-07-24

  • Confirmed test with doctest-discover- – 2018-06-24

  • Confirmed test with doctest-0.16.0. – 2018-06-21

  • Add GMap module.
  • Add AsIterator module.
  • Add GraphSON.GValue module.
  • Confirmed test with aeson-

GraphSON module

  • Change behavior of instance FromJSON GraphSON. Now {”@type”: null} goes to failure. Before, “@type”:null fell back to direct (bare) parsing. If it finds “@type” key, I think it should expect that the JSON object is a GraphSON wrapper. It’s more or less a bug fix, so it doesn’t bump major version.
  • Add Generic and Hashable instances to GraphSON.
  • Add GValue and GValueBody types and related functions.
  • Add FromGraphSON class and related functions.
  • Add instance GraphSONTyped Either.
  • Add instance GraphSONTyped to types in containers package.
  • Re-export Aeson’s Parser type for convenience.

Greskell module

  • Add valueInt, gvalue, gvalueInt functions. – 2018-04-08

  • Add Semigroup instance to Greskell.
  • Confirmed test with base-4.11. – 2018-03-12

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.