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Conversions between data-types in type-combinators and singletons from singletons and orphan instances.

There’s a lot of overlap in functionality between the two libraries. I often use both of them together side-by-side to do different things, but there is some friction the process of converting between the identical data types that both libraries have, and between similar typeclasses. This library attempts to ease that friction by providing conversion functions between identical data types and also many of the appropriate orphan typeclass instances.




Jan 20, 2018

  • Added singSome/someSing and singWit1/wit1Sing, to convert between the singletons types SomeSing and SingInstance and their more generic representations in type-combinators, Some Sing and Wit1 Sing.


Jan 16, 2018

  • Gathered together the many two-way conversion functions into a typeclass, TC.


Sep 1, 2017

  • Initial release.