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Module documentation for 2.3.2

This package provides support for «golden testing». A golden test is an IO action that writes its result to a file. To pass the test, this output file should be identical to the corresponding «golden» file, which contains the correct result for the test. To get started with golden testing and this library, see Introduction to golden testing.



Version 2.3.2

Add a --no-create flag


Make the environment variable TASTY_ACCEPT=True work, and make the value case-insensitive (so TASTY_ACCEPT=true works, too)


Docs: link to an introductory blog post


Fix compatibility with optparse-applicative-0.13

Version 2.3.1

Intercept exceptions thrown by the test, adhering to the new tasty API contract.


Switch from temporary-rc to temporary


Impose a lower bound version constraint on bytestring.

Version 2.3

  • Accepting tests is no longer done by a separate ingredient; instead it is now an option that affects tests themselves.

    • --accept used to run only golden tests; now all tests are run, but only golden tests are affected by this option
    • when accepting, all the usual options apply (such as -j)
    • when accepting, the interace is the same as when running
    • defaultMain and acceptingTests are kept for compatibility, but do not do anything and are obsolete
  • When a golden test file does not exist, it is created automatically, even when --accept is not specified. You’ll see a message like

      UnboxedTuples:                 OK (0.04s)
        Golden file did not exist; created
  • No longer use lazy IO

    • ValueGetter type is gone (replaced by IO)
    • Because of that, the type of the primitive goldenTest is changed
    • vgReadFile function is gone (replaced by Data.ByteString.readFile)


  • Warn when some tests threw exceptions during --accept
  • Properly handle exceptions; don’t swallow Ctrl-C


Restore compatibility with older compilers


Relax Cabal dependency

Version 2.2.2

Add findByExtension


Catch exceptions when accepting golden tests


Switch to temporary-rc

Version 2.2.1

  • Fix a bug where the result of the comparison function would reference yet unread data from a semiclosed file and the file gets closed, leading to a runtime exception
  • Export writeBinaryFile
  • Improve the docs
  • Update to work with tasty-0.8


Update to work with tasty-0.7


Update to work with tasty-0.5

Version 2.2

Migrate to ingredients

Version 2.1

Add goldenVsStringDiff

Version 2.0.1

Update to work with tasty-0.2

Version 2.0

Initial release of tasty-golden (derived from test-framework-golden-1.1.x)