IHaskell display instance for hvega types.


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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Douglas Burke
Maintained by [email protected]
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View Vega-Lite visualizations created by the hvega package in IHaskell notebooks. It relies on Vega-Embed to do the hard work of parsing and displaying the Vega Lite specification.

This code is released under the BSD3 license.


For the latest version of this document, please see https://github.com/DougBurke/hvega/blob/master/ihaskell-hvega/CHANGELOG.md.

The only change is to the cabal file, where cabal-version: >=1.10 has been changed to cabal-version: 1.18. I honestly don’t know what the minimum-supported version actually is (the version bump is to match that used by hvega.

Updated the upper bounds of aeson to really allow v1.4. This was not released on Hackage.

The source code has been moved to the src sub-directory to match the layout used by hvega.

Several incorrect links in the cabal file have been fixed (as my GitHub user name is not actually githubuser).

The cabal package now includes stack.yaml and default.nix (although the latter is not guaranteed to be correct), as well as a change log.

Since ihaskell is now in Stackage, the LTS version has been updated to reflect this (to LTS 11.19), and the extra dependency removed.

This is the initial version of ihaskell-hvega, and is released with hvega version