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Hackage: ignore Stackage: ignore

Handle ignore files of different VCSes

Cli Usage: ignore

$ ignore --help
The ignore tool
(c) 2015 Alexander Thiemann

Tiny tool to check if a file in a repo is ignored by a VCS

Usage: ignore [--help|-h] file1 file2 file3 ... fileN

Library Usage Example

module Main where

import Ignore

import Path
import System.Environment
import System.Directory

main :: IO ()
main =
    do dir <- getCurrentDirectory >>= parseAbsDir
       ignoreFiles <- findIgnoreFiles [VCSGit, VCSMercurial, VCSDarcs] dir
       checker <- buildChecker ignoreFiles
       case checker of
           Left err -> error err
           Right (FileIgnoredChecker isFileIgnored) ->
                  putStrLn $
                    "Main.hs is "
                    ++ (if isFileIgnored "Main.hs"
                        then "ignored" else "not ignored")


  • Using cabal: cabal install ignore
  • Using Stack: stack install ignore
  • From Source (cabal): git clone && cd ignore && cabal install
  • From Source (stack): git clone && cd ignore && stack build


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