MIT licensed
Maintained by Simon Hengel
This version can be pinned in stack with:hpack-0.27.0@sha256:683d852aeaf216696b14a0b6511126775750dcb7f590705faec6668aab19cd0f,3892

Module documentation for 0.27.0


Changes in 0.27.0

  • Local defaults are now resolved relative to the file they are mentioned in, not the CWD that hpack is invoked from.

Changes in 0.26.0

  • Major refactoring of the exposed API (much cleaner now, but lot’s of breaking changes!)
  • Remove Git conflict markers before checking the hash of any existing .cabal files (equivalent to git checkout --ours). This allows to regenerate the .cabal file on conflicts when rebasing without passing -f in some cases and helps with preserving the formatting.
  • Allow local files to be used as defaults (#248)

Changes in 0.25.0

  • Keep non-existing literal files on glob expansion (see #101)

Changes in 0.24.0

  • Add support for verbatim Cabal escape hatch
  • Allow version be a numbers
  • Ignore fields that start with an underscore everywhere, not just globally

Changes in 0.23.0

  • Add support for custom decoders to allow for alternate syntax (e.g. Dhall)
  • generated-exposed-modules and generated-other-modules, for populating the autogen-modules field (#207).
  • Corrected cabal-version setting for reexported-modules inside a conditional.

Changes in 0.22.0

  • Add support for defaults
  • Add --numeric-version
  • Add support for signatures
  • extra-doc-files requires setting cabal-version to at least 1.18; this is now done properly.
  • Accept bool for condition (see #230)

Changes in 0.21.2

  • Fix a bug in module inference for conditionals (see #236)
  • Add support for extra-doc-files.
  • Add support for pkg-config-dependencies

Changes in 0.21.1

  • Allow dependency constraints to be numbers (see #234)

Changes in 0.21.0

  • Accept section-specific fields in conditionals (see #175, thanks to Scott Fleischman)
  • New section: internal-libraries, for Cabal 2’s internal libraries (see #200).

Changes in 0.20.0

  • Do not overwrite any existing cabal file if it has been modified manually

Changes in 0.19.3

  • Add support for frameworks and extra-frameworks-dirs

Changes in 0.19.2

  • Compatibility with Glob >= 0.9.0

Changes in 0.19.1

  • Add IsList instance for Dependencies

Changes in 0.19.0

  • Add Paths_* module to executables (see #195, for GHC 8.2.1 compatibility)
  • Allow specifying dependencies as a hash (see #198)

Changes in 0.18.1

  • Output generated cabal file to stdout when - is given as a command-line option (see #113)
  • Recognize .chs, .y, .ly and .x as Haskell modules when inferring modules for

Changes in 0.18.0

  • Make executable a shortcut of executables: { package-name: ... }
  • Add support for ghcjs-options and js-sources (see #161)
  • Allow license-file to be a list
  • Accept input file on command-line (see #106)
  • Add Paths_* when no modules are specified (see #86)

Changes in 0.17.1

  • Do not descend into irrelevant directories when inferring modules (see #165)

Changes in 0.17.0

  • Added custom-setup section
  • Add support for !include directives

Changes in 0.16.0

  • Warn when name is missing
  • Support globs in c-sources
  • Use binary I/O for cabal files avoiding problems with non-UTF-8 locales
  • Fix rendering of . as directory (cabal syntax issue)