MIT licensed by Kyle Van Berendonck
Maintained by Kyle Van Berendonck
This version can be pinned in stack with:github-webhooks-0.9.1@sha256:bf7cbfb4ce97ba82b92ce71ab41c783fc020ced44807939e9f5017e3e8e9ed5b,3350

Module documentation for 0.9.1

Complete instances for decoding GitHub Webhook payloads (using aeson). See the README at for examples.



  • Fixed a bug whereby the test fixtures were not included in the source distribution (resolves #8)
  • Marked the modules as Trustworthy indicating that they do not perform unsafe operations (resolves #9)
  • Include stack files for older resolvers in CI and the source distribution
  • Removed flags from the cabal file that prevented older GHC from being able to build (contributes #6)


  • This is an alpha testing release with an incomplete feature set to recieve feedback on the API.
  • The API may change in the recent future. When alpha testing has commenced, the version will start at 1.0.0.