BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Aleksey Khudyakov
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Generic heterogeneous vectors


Changes in

  • Major rework of API. Fun and TFun are unified. Fun ~ TFun Identity. Type class ArityC now contain special variants of accum and arity instead of building data structure containing all necessary dictionaries.

  • Monad constraints now relaxed to Applicative where appropriate

  • Most functions now have 3 variants: typeclass-based for HVector, typeclass-based for HVectorF and ones that use natural transformations for HVectorF. Some have been renamed to get consistent naming.

  • Support for GHC 7.10 is dropped

  • HVecF definition is moved to Data.Vector.HFixed.HVec

Changes in

  • Fix build for GHC 8.2

Changes in

  • Fix build for GHC 8.0

Changes in

  • replicateF added

  • type signature of zipMonoF generalized

Changes in

  • HVector instances up to 32-element tuples

  • asCVec function added

  • ContVec reexported from Data.Vector.HFixed

Changes in

  • Type changing lenses added

  • zipMonoF added

  • types of monomorphize and monomorphizeF corrected