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Maintained by Edward A. Kmett
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This package provides data types and classes for manipulating the ‘ConstraintKinds’ exposed by GHC in 7.4.

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-Edward Kmett


0.10.1 [2018.07.02]

  • Allow building with GHC 8.6.
  • Add three axioms about (+) and (-) to Data.Constraint.Nat.


  • Adapt to the SemigroupMonoid Proposal (introduced in base-4.11):
    • Add a Semigroup instance for Dict
    • Add the appropriate (:=>) instances involving Semigroup, and change the Class () (Monoid a) instance to Class (Semigroup a) (Monoid a) when base is recent enough
    • Add the appropriate Lifting(2) instances involving Semigroup
  • Data.Constraint.Nat now reexports the Div and Mod type families from GHC.TypeLits on base-4.11 or later
  • Fix the type signature of maxCommutes
  • Export the no method of Bottom
  • Add NFData instances for Dict and (:-)


  • Correct an improper use of unsafeCoerce in the internals of Data.Constraint.Nat and Data.Constraint.Symbol
  • Correctly identify the mismatched types when you defer an unsatisfiable equality constraint through Data.Constraint.Deferrable
  • Re-export the (:~~:) defined in base from Data.Constraint.Deferred with GHC 8.2 or later
  • Add several new (:=>) instances for Bits, Identity, Const, Natural, IO, and Word.
  • Modernize some existing Class and (:=>) instances to reflect the fact that Applicative is now a superclass of Monad on recent versions of base.


  • Changes to Data.Constraint:
    • Add strengthen1 and strengthen2
  • Changes to Data.Constraint.Deferrable:
    • Add a Deferrable () instance
    • The Deferrable (a ~ b) instance now shows the TypeReps of a and b when a type mismatch error is thrown
    • Add defer_ and deferEither_, counterparts to defer and deferEither which do not require proxy arguments
    • Enable PolyKinds. This allows the Deferrable (a ~ b instance to be polykinded on all supported versions of GHC except 7.10, where the kinds must be * due to an old GHC bug
    • Introduce a heterogeneous equality type (:~~:), and use it to define a Deferrable (a ~~ b) instance on GHC 8.0 or later
  • Changes to Data.Constraint.Forall:
    • Implement ForallF and ForallT in terms of Forall
    • Add ForallV and InstV (supporting a variable number of parameters)
    • Add a forall combinator
  • Introduce Data.Constraint.Nat and Data.Constraint.Symbol, which contain utilities for working with KnownNat and KnownSymbol constraints, respectively. These modules are only available on GHC 8.0 or later.


  • GHC 8 compatibility
  • transformers 0.5 compatibility
  • binary 0.8 compatibility
  • Dropped support for GHC 7.6 in favor of a nicer Bottom representation.


  • Found a nicer encoding of the initial object in the category of constraints using a nullary constraint.


  • Remove the need for closed type families from the new Forall.


  • Completely redesigned Data.Constraint.Forall. The old design is unsound and can be abused to define unsafeCoerce! The new design requires closed type families, so this module now requires GHC 7.8+


  • Added Data.Constraint.Deferrable.


  • Added Data.Constraint.Lifting.

  • Acknowledge we actually need at least base 4.5

  • Restore support for building on older GHCs

  • Minor documentation fixes.


  • Added mapDict and unmapDict.
  • Added a lot of documentation.


  • Typeable and Data. The Data instance for (:-) is a conservative approximation that avoids having to turn (:-) into a cartesian closed category. If it becomes a pain point for users, I know how to do that, and have done so in other libraries – see hask, but I’m hesitant to bring such heavy machinery to bear and it isn’t clear how to do it in a way that is compatible with those other libraries.


  • Explicit role annotations

  • Fixed build failures.
  • Fixed an unused import warning on older GHCs.


  • Added bottom